our brewery

Fat Lizard Brewing Co. is a Finnish indie brewery specializing in super fresh and drinkable American-style beers. We’re located in Otaniemi, in the very heart of Espoo. As the first commercial brewery ever in Espoo, the company was founded in 2014 and has been operative since February 2015.


The love for fresh American ales – and not getting them in Finland – made us brew. The sharpest aromas of delicate hops disappear while shipping the beer intercontinentally. The only way to enjoy fresh and luscious IPA was to brew it ourselves here in Finland.

After many years of homebrewing and heavy testing, the recipes were just too good to keep for ourselves. It was time to build a brewhouse in Kivenlahti Rock Bay. Two years of constant sold-out storage left no beer for ourselves. So we moved on and expanded in Otaniemi with a decent sized brewing equipment. Drink more, drink better!

the crew